Electrostatic Solutions For Tablet PCs

                  There is a production of tablet computers and digital photo frame of the electronic factory, in order to prevent the outside of the flower shell material, the incoming materials have protective film. When assembled, the LCD is mounted on the face shell, the PCBA is mounted on the bottom shell, then the shell is punched with screws. The problem is also coming up, the Assembly will often find that the surface of the LCD will have some dust cleaning very troublesome. After finding the reason, found that the protective film and PVC material in the separation of the shell will produce thousands of volts of electrostatic voltage, which will seriously affect the quality of products.Tablet

                  How to solve it, the best way to use anti-static protective film (this method is more fundamental), electrostatic voltage will be significantly reduced (100v below), but the cost will be significantly improved. can also be used ion blower, the ion wind to the assembly of the entire process, this can also significantly reduce the electrostatic voltage, but the ionic wind is often maintained (preferably once a week), and the production environment of cleanliness requirements (can not be lower than the level 100,000), otherwise can not achieve a good effect.Tablet

                  A tablet is a handheld electronic device that uses a touch screen or stylus to access or process information, with a stronger mobility. Tablets can be divided into two broad categories: Consumer/Multimedia tablets and enterprise-class tablets, depending on the market's focus and system requirements. The design focuses on consumer/multimedia tablet computers and high-end enterprise-class tablets requiring HD video decoding.Tablet


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