Optimizing Elements Of Power Management For Smart Phone

             The function of the voltage stabilizing unit is to convert the battery voltage to a stable DC voltage, which mainly comes from the efficiency of the conversion. The commonly used voltage stabilizing devices are Ldo and DC, the characteristic of Ldo is that the ripple of the output power is small, but its efficiency is low, and the characteristic of the DC/AC is high efficiency, the output current is big, but the ripple is also big, therefore the regulator device manufacturer competes for the high conversion efficiency Ldo and the low ripple of the DC.Smart phone

             In actual application, a common way is as shown in the diagram of the regulator unit of the kind of Architecture: DC/AC input and output to the battery, so as to achieve a higher conversion efficiency, LDO to the input/output port to DC, this can get a very small ripple power supply, this is a relatively good progressive conversion efficiency of the structure, mobile phone chip manufacturers and PMU manufacturers also see this design needs, have launched a built-in set of this architecture, on the one hand, simplify the design, improve the integration, On the other hand, it simplifies the complexity of power management, and eats away the market of voltage regulator device manufacturers.

             The combination of the processor unit processor and PMU is done by the chip design manufacturer, which is an important part of power management. In view of the increasing function, the frequency of the processor has been greatly improved, and the dynamic power management becomes very necessary. Here, the effect of power management depends on the design of the platform manufacturer, the mobile phone design company can change the scope is not small.Smart phone

             Peripheral unit is a key part of power management. The energy sources of peripheral units are PMU, some ldo, Buck or boost, in addition to the efficiency mentioned above, the appropriate circuit design is also an important means of power management, such as LCD and keyboard backlight light brightness, the brightness of the LED, our goal is to meet the user's use of the conditions, as low as possible to reduce their consumption, which includes increasing the resistance of the current limiting resistor and control brightness and length of two aspects, which requires software and hardware to work together to achieve optimal.Smart phone


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