The Principle Of Kids Tablet

               The principle is that the contact on the back of the board has a predetermined program, each page set up, the corresponding position is the point, read the corresponding content. As long as the page is set up, the contact is correct, do not put the textbook on the top can also be read. That should be the same as the touchscreen.Kids Tablet

               From the technical principle to distinguish the touch screen, can be divided into five basic categories: vector pressure sensing technology touch screen, resistance technology touch screen, capacitive technology touch screen, infrared technology touch screen, surface acoustic wave technology touch screen.Kids Tablet

                The Resistive touch screen is part of a multilayer composite film that is very compatible with the surface of the display, and is made of a layer of glass or plexiglass, with a layer of transparent conductive layer on the surface, the top is covered with a layer of surface hardening, smooth scratch-resistant plastic layer, its inner surface is also coated with a layer of transparent conductive layer, between the two layers of conductive layer there are many small (less than 1 per thousand inches) of transparent isolation points to insulate them.Kids Tablet

                When the finger touches the screen, the normally insulated two-layer conductive layer in the touch point position has a contact, because one of the conductive layer in the y-axis direction of the 5V uniform voltage field, make the detection layer of the voltage from 0 to Non-zero, the controller detects this access, A/D conversion, and will get the voltage value and 5V compared to the touch point of the y-axis coordinates, the same as the x-axis coordinates, which is all the resistance technology touch screen common principle.

               The touch screen part of the surface acoustic wave touchscreen can be a flat, spherical or cylindrical glass plate mounted in front of the CRT, LED, LCD or Plasma display screen. This glass plate is just a piece of pure tempered glass, different from the other kind of touch screen technology is no film and overlay.Kids Tablet


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